Constanta City Tour

Please respect the Schedule and repartition in Buses. We are fully booked for the tour!

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10.00 – London bus Phoenicia

10.00 – London bus Ramada

10.00 – Metropolitan – Phoenicia

15.00 – London bus Phoenicia

15.00 – London bus Ramada

15.00 – Metropolitan – Phoenicia

September 10, 2023, Free day

Constanta City Tour – free of charge, last registration September 8th, 2 pm

Registration on the whatsapp number

Surname, name, country, hotel, registration tour 10.00 or 15.00


Departure by London buses
at 10.00, one from the Phenicia Hotel and one from the Ramada Hotel

at 15:00, two from the Phenicia Hotel


City Tour touristic line, with a 2-hour stop in the Tourist Port Constanța